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Siding Replacement & Repair

Siding certainly adds beauty to a home, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The importance of siding design, material selection, installation practices and maintenance practices can’t be overstated. Siding must perform a number of vital functions, including the protection from sun, wind, rain and moisture. It must also cope with moisture that emanates from the interior of the house.

  • Siding brings out the character of your home
  • Have that "just painted" look forever
  • It’s Carefree, Beautiful and Affordable
  • Choose from a large selection of textures and colors

There are many styles and colors and profiles to choose from in siding. It comes in smooth textures or wood grain. Lets look at a comparison of the different types:

Vinyl siding is low maintenance as you will not have to paint it, but it can be damaged in high winds and hail. Warranties vary with the type and thickness of the vinyl. This is also generally the lowest in cost when compared to the other options.

Steel is also available, and though steel might last longer than vinyl, it can still get dented depending on the strength of the storm. The cost is much higher than vinyl, but more durable as well. Warranties are for limited lifetime in most cases.

James Hardie siding is also another option. James Hardie is made of fiber cement and is very durable. James Hardie is also rot resistant, non-combustible, and does not bow, bend or become misshapen. However it is the most expensive option for siding and must be installed correctly to perform as it should. It can also crack under extreme impact. They offer a 30 year limited warranty.

LP siding is made of engineered wood. It is impact resistant, weather resistant, can be installed quickly and is flexible with weather changes. Cons are that it can still rot and the wood fibers are flammable. They offer a 50 year limited warranty.

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